Mr. Norm’s 1968 Hemi Dart for 2007

1968 Hemi Dart GSSThe 1968 Hemi Dart is among the most notorious muscle cars ever to cruise America’s roads and drive-ins.  Its thunderous and feared Hemi™ engine made it the car to beat, on the street or strip. Only a few were built in 1968; and now Mr. Norm is creating a few more, to replace those which have disappeared over the years. Each vehicle has its own production number and comes complete with build book, production sheet, build order and is delivered by Mr. Norm himself, just as he did back in 1968. The total will remain under the original production run.

Mr. Norm revolutionized how performance cars were sold, creating the prototype 383 Dart GTS and the famed M-Code 440 Dart, both of which were later put into production by Chrysler.  Mr. Norm also sold the majority of the legendary Hurst/Campbell-built 1968 Hemi Darts.

Enthusiasts can now repeat history with Mr. Norm’s GSS Hemi Dart.   Built using 21st century parts and accessories, the GSS Hemi Dart exceeds the performance of the original in every category. 

When an original 1968 Dart is brought into the shop, it is immediately dismantled, with each part closely examined to determine whether it can be restored or needs replacement.  If replacement is the best alternative, hours of research go into finding a like part.  When no parts are available, parts are hand made to original specifications with metals of the same alloy and weight.

1968 Dart GSS Hemi

A true frame-off restoration involves dismantling a vehicle…every nut and every bolt…so it can be rebuilt to better than factory standards.  The process requires special tools and fixtures, an inordinate amount of time, a significant amount of research, and skill and craftsmanship.  Blue Moon Motorsports, the builder for the Mr. Norm’s 1968 GSS Hemi Dart Program, is known for its restoration skills, with among the most modern and best equipped facilities in the country.

Mr. Norm's dashboard

With the vehicle dismantled, the body shell is placed on a rotisserie so it can be cleaned to bare metal with a special water blasting process.  This technology uses varying pressure and water treated with a rust inhibitor.  Paint, primer, undercoating, years of dirt, and even old factory fillers are gently removed, layer by layer.  The remaining bare, shiny metal is smooth and free from pits that more aggressive media, such as plastic and sand, leave behind.  Having clean, bare metal allows the restorer to examine every inch of the vehicle.

rear - Hemi Dart GSS

Metal fabricators correct original imperfections in the sheet metal by using hand dollies to work the metal to its intended shape.  Replacement parts, if any, are spot welded into place at the factory seams with a finished result so precise that it is undetectable.  No fillers are used; instead the metal is hand contoured to the original shape.  Once repairs are complete, an epoxy primer is applied to the entire vehicle to ensure that it will be rust-free for many years to come.  This begins the prep and paint process.

inside Mr. Norm's Hemi Dart GSSThe body is hand sanded and primed three times to guarantee a perfectly smooth surface for paint.  No ripples, no scratch marks, no imperfections.  The preparation process can take up to 400 hours.  After receiving the final wet sanding by hand with special paper that is almost as smooth as a sheet of paper, the body is taken into a specialty paint booth with exact airflow to ensure even coats of sealer, base paint, intermediate tinted clear and the final clear coats.  The body is baked at 150 degrees for thirty minutes; just enough to cure the surface, and then allowed to air dry for 48 hours.

Two days later, the body, now dry, is removed from the paint booth and wet sanded by hand with 2000 grit paper to guarantee an even clear coat that has great depth and proper hue.  Forty hours later, the wet sanding is complete and buffing the vehicle begins.  From the sanded dull surface comes a miraculous sheen that will look great for years.

Up to this point, nothing has been reassembled.  This is where the hundreds of hours pay off.  At this time, the new stroked 426 Hemi™ dual quad engine, the driveline, upgraded suspension, brakes and cooling systems, and related systems are installed.  New wiring, plumbing and restored gauges are installed.  The interior is completely sound and heat insulated.  Carpeting is put into place, door and kick panels installed and seats bolted down for safety.  With a new headliner and dash pad in place, auxiliary gauges are put into position, five point seat restraints are bolted down and the interior is complete.

On the outside, fenders, doors hood and trunk are positioned squarely, making certain all gaps are even and within factory specifications.  Trim and bright work is installed, certified emblems are applied and glass is put into its final position; then the engine is fired up and final quality checks are done. All suspension components are preloaded and adjusted before road testing.

Every Mr. Norm’s GSS Hemi engine is prepared using new parts, selected for performance, durability, and efficiency.  Each engine begins with a new Chrysler 426 Hemi block — iron or, now, 356-T6 aluminum — with a standard bore, hot tanked and magnufluxed. All rotating assembly components are billet steel, forged aluminum, or tool steel.  Even better, these engines run on pump gas.  For both iron and aluminum blocks, two configurations are offered:  472 cubic inches and 528 cubic inches.

528 Hemi engineMr. Norm’s GSS Hemi Dart program is teamed with Mr. Gasket™ / Hurst™ to remain true to the original vehicles Mr. Norm sold back in 1968. Bowler Performance Transmissions has been preparing bulletproof units for three decades and has gained a reputation of setting the standard for high horsepower and high torque applications.  Just as in the original vehicle, the 727 Torqueflite automatic and the A833 4-speed are the transmissions of choice. 

The Dana 60 differential was the mainstay of all Mopar muscle cars sporting the Max Wedge and Hemi powertrains.  It was rugged, easy to build and could accommodate just about any gear and posi combination.  Rather than find old casings that have been beaten up over the years, Mr. Norm’s has had new nodular units built that are tougher than the originals.  Sporting 4.10 gears and bulletproof components for that “seat-of-the-pants” Hemi launch,  Mr. Norm’s GSS Hemi Darts are unparalleled performers. 

The Mr. Norm’s GSS Hemi Dart has incorporated the most advanced suspension systems available to ensure better handling, superb high performance ride comfort, exceptional driver feel, ensured safety and power that is put where it’s meant to go…the asphalt.

All unitized body vehicles experience stress and twisting under load.  To minimize this, Mr. Norm's GSS Hemi Darts are all built with custom sub-frame connectors from Control Freak Suspensions.  To accommodate the massive 285/40-17 Pirelli P-Zero ultra performance tires, the rear wheel houses have been enlarged by three inches, and the stock spring mounts have been relocated to new and stronger torque boxes custom made by Blue Moon Motorsports, the exclusive builder for the Mr. Norm's GSS Hemi Dart.

Mr. Norm demanded that the front suspension system incorporates upper and lower control arms with coil over performance shocks.  And the whole K-member had to be crafted from exceptionally strong Drawn Over Mandrel (DOM) seamless tube.  Teaming up with Control Freak Suspensions™, Mr. Norm developed a front suspension system that eliminates old technology torsion bars, moderates under- and oversteer with a state-of-the-art rack and pinion, and offers light weight coupled with exceptional strength and handling.

In the rear, Mr. Norm’s GSS utilizes a nodular Dana 60-style differential that is held securely in place by the latest in leaf spring technology.  Mr. Norm selected a split monoleaf spring supported by unique traction bars designed to improve overall traction and handling.  The fully adjustable traction bars change the pushing point on the car and help weight shift towards the rear while maintaining the correct pinion angle, eliminating any bind whatsoever.

Finding a GSS 1968 Hemi Dart in driveable condition is a quest unto itself, and prices range to nearly a half-million dollars.  At a base price of $149,000, the 2007 is priced lower than typical cloned vehicles on the market, and offers the bonus of being an authentic and certified Mr. Norm’s GSS Hemi Dart. 

While it may be tempting to sell your conventional investments and start your own "Car-01(k)," a word of caution: Unlike stock certificates, collector cars require maintenance, insurance and a garage.  Conversely, reviewing your portfolio performance is nowhere near as much fun as experiencing the vivid performance of a Hemi powered Mr. Norm’s GSS 1968 Hemi Dart.


  Standard Hemi S/S Hemi Aluminum Aluminum S/S

Cubic Inches:

Stroked to 472

Stroked to 528

Stroked to 472

Stroked to 528











Fuel Required:

91 Octane Pump Gas


Standard Engine Features   Super Street Adds
  • 472” 4340 Steel Billet Crankshaft – 4.150” Stroke
  • 472” Forged Pistons with Tool Steel Wrist Pins and Speed-Pro File Fit Moly Rings
  • 472” Chrysler Sportsman II H-Beam Rods and Bearings
  • Hemi Custom Ground Solid Cam & Lifters
  • Hemi Billet Roller Timing Chain Set with Chrome Timing Cover
  • Aluminum Damper
  • Electronically Balanced Rotating Assembly
  • 426 Hemi Aluminum Heads
  • Hemi Valves: 
    • Intake - 2.250 x .311 Square Lock
    • Exhaust – 1.940 x .311 Square Lock
  • Titanium Retainers with 1.54” Double Valve Springs
  • Complete Hemi Rocker System
  • Chrome Moly Pushrods
  • Black Crinkle Finish Hemi Valve Covers
  • Cast Aluminum Cross Ram 2 x 4 Intake
  • Holley Hemi Four Barrel Caruburetors (2) Modified for Performance
  • Hurst / Mr. Gasket Approved Billet Distributor
  • Accel Hemi Plug Wire Set – Black
  • Hemi Oil Pump
  • Hemi Aluminum Oil Pan
  • Balanced & Blueprinted
  • 528” MP Premium Forged Competition Crankshaft with 4.150" Stroke
  • 528” JE Lightweight Forged Competition Pistons
  • 528” Custom Competition 7075 Billet Aluminum Rods
  • Custom Competition  "896" Series Tool Steel Pins
  • Clevite Competition Babbit Bearings
  • Speed-Pro File Fit Competition Moly Rings
  • 528” Custom Grind Competition Solid Roller Cam & Lifters
  • Hemi Billet Double Roller Competition Timing Chain Set with Chrome Timing Cover
  • 426 Hemi Aluminum Heads Ported to Competition Stage III for Maximum Flow
  • Black Crinkle Finish or Chrome Hemi Valve Covers
  • Cast Aluminum Competition  Cross Ram 2 x 4 Intake
  • Holley Hemi Four Barrel Carburetors (2).  Highly Modified to S/S Competition Specifications.
  • S/S Hemi Competition Oiling System

All engines come complete with Mr. Norm’s GSS in-tank Aeromotive fuel pumps, pre- and post-filters, regulators, stainless braided and hard lines. All fuel tanks are tig welded stainless steel (they are not fuel cells). Oil coolers are standard.  The S/S engine includes a competition oil cooler and competition oiling system. Dyno sheets are included.

The transmission includes:

TorqueFlite Automatic   Hemi 833 4-speed
  • New competition 727 automatic transmission case
  • All new competition steel components, not aluminum or composite
  • New competition seals and gaskets
  • High energy competition intermediate band
  • 4.2 Ratio competition band lever strut
  • New Hemi governor weight
  • Reinforced competition intermediate band strut
  • Heavy duty reverse band
  • Completely rebuilt competition valve body with recalibration kit to retain kickdowns
  • Bolt-in competition style sprag
  • Competition hardened steel input shaft
  • Custom built Hemi converter with 7/16” bolt pads
  • New competition pump gear set
  • New cooler line fittings
  • Updated billet reverse servo
  • Four pinion competition rear planet gear set
  • New Hurst shifter
  • Dyno tested
  • Excellent original transmission case
  • Competition input shaft roller set
  • Input shaft: 18 Spline - 21 Tooth drive gear
  • New Lakewood Hemi bell housing
  • New Hurst competition Hemi shifter
  • Hays competition clutch kit
  • Hays competition pressure plate
  • New competition bearings and seals
  • New competition bearing retainer
  • New competition bearing retainer pinion seal
  • New bell housing steel dust cover
  • New billet 6061 aluminum competition shifter mounting plates and hardware
  • New competition cluster gear
  • New countershaft roller & spacer kit
  • New competition CTW countershaft thrust washer
  • Hurst 833 Hemi linkage rod set
  • New reverse gearshift lever
  • Competition shift fork 304 steel
  • Competition synchronizer key
  • Dyno tested

Standard features


  • 1968 Dodge Dart 2-Door Hardtop
  • Rotisserie Restoration
  • All Metal Restoration – No Body Fillers
  • Modified Wheel Tubs
  • Black Lift Off Hemi Dart Fiberglass Hood (Includes Show Stands) With Stainless Steel Hood Pins
  • Black Hemi Hood Scoop
  • Original Dart Steel Front Fenders
  • Authentic Tinted Glass
  • Authentic Trunk Mat

Wheels, Tires & Brakes

  • 17” Mr. Norm’s GSS / Hurst Signature Five Spoke Wheels, With Vehicle VIN and Mr. Norm’s Production Number.
  • Spare Tire on Mr. Norm’s GSS / Hurst Signature Five Spoke Wheel.
  • GSS Tool & Jack Kit
  • Ultra Performance Pirelli P-Zero Z-Rated Steel Belted Radial Front and Rear Tires
  • Signature Tri-Power Disc Brakes Front and Rear with Integrated Parking Brake.  13” Slotted & Dimpled  Rotors & GSS Logo
  • Stainless Steel Brake & Fuel Lines
  • Billet Stainless Steel Brake & Fuel Line Clamps and Brackets
  • GSS Engraved Billet Master Cylinder


 D5 – Mr. Norm’s GSS New Nodular
Dana 60 w/4.10 Gears and Detroit Locker
 D5 – Mr. Norm’s GSS New Nodular
Dana 60 w/4.10 Gears and Power-Lock Posi

Custom Performance Driveshaft with Driveshaft Safety Hoop & Competition 
Chassis & Suspension

  • Hemi Torque Boxes
  • Mr. Norm’s GSS / Control Freak Suspensions Front Tubular Suspension System Includes Coil-Over System, Rack & Pinion Steering, New Forged Spindles & Hemi Power Strength
  • Pre-Load Adjustment Bars With Split-Leaf Monospring Rear Suspension Moved Inboard
  • Rick’s Stainless Steel High Performance Fuel Tank – Not a Racing Fuel Cell.


  • All New Wiring Harness and Fuse Panel
  • Ultra High Torque Mini Starter
  • Trunk Mounted High Output Gel Cell Battery In Special Case

Mr. Norm’s GSS Registry

    • Entry into the Official Mr. Norm’s GSS Registry for Authentication of the Manqué


  • Original Bucket Seats With Bolstered Leather Seating Surfaces & GSS Logo OR Dart Original Bench Seat With BolsteredLeather Seating Surfaces & GSS Logo. Rear Seat OR Rear Seat Delete
  • Hurst Floor Shifter
  • Restored Dash & Gauge Set With Mr. Norm’s GSS White Face Gauges
  • Vintage Style Autometer Tachometer, Column or Dash Mounted
  • Auxiliary Gauge Cluster – Oil Pressure and Temperature, Water Temperature
  • Five Point Restraints, Driver & Passenger
  • Mr. Norm GSS Badge & Authentication Plate.  Mr. Norm’s Signature
  • Authentic Loop Carpet OR Original S/S Vinyl Floor Covering
  • Radio & Heater Delete
  • Upholstered Door Panels, Package Tray & New Headliner
  • Full Cabin Sound & Heat Barrier


  • GSS Split Tail Stripe With Logo
  • GSS and “Hurst Equipped” Badges
  • Color Selection From 1968 Dodge Palette By Sherwin Williams Hand Buffed To Show Finish.
  • High Intensity Headlamps


  • Performance Mufflers With 3” Exhaust System and Steel Exhaust Tips – Baloney Cut With Side Exit

Options lists

Interior Group
A4 - Interior Package - $ 3,900

  • Mr. Norm’s GSS All Custom Tuscany Leather Dart Bucket Seats with Performance Bolstering and Mr. Norm Logo.  Rear Seat In Tuscany Leather With Seat Belts
  • Mr. Norm GSS Pedal Pads
  • Mr. Norm GSS Billet Gel Cell Battery Tray In Trunk
  • Original Dart GT Courtesy Lighting

A5 – Comfort Package - $6,900

  • Heat & Air Package
  • Mr. Norm’s GSS Polished Billet Serpentine Belt & Pulley System With Polished Alternator & Polished Sanden A/C Compressor

A6 – Sound Package - $4,900

  • Sony Xplod™ AM/FM/CD/ Audio System with Six Speakers, Dual Amplifiers & Subwoofer Package
  • Power Antenna

A7 – Power Accessory Package - $2,900

  • Power Windows
  • Power Door Locks
  • Security System

Exterior Group
P1 – Show Paint Package - $ 13,200

  • Paint Vehicle Underside To Body Finish
  • Smooth Firewall and Paint Engine Bay to Body Finish
  • Planet Color™ by Sherwin Williams Automotive Finishes - Custom Mix Three Stage

FG1 - Fiberglass Package - $ 1,800

  • Authentic Fiberglass S/S Fenders – Painted Body Color or Rally Black.

Performance Group
E75 – Engine Protection Package - $3,300 (Included With E74SS)

  • Dual High Output Gel Cell Batteries With Mr. Norm GSS Billet Aluminum Holders
  • Dual Pass Billet Transmission Oil Cooler (Deduct $450 for 4-Speed A-833 Transmission)
  • Ultra High Performance Engine Oil Cooler

EX3 – Exhaust Package - $3,300 (Included With E74SS)

  • Ceramic Coated Performance Mufflers
  • Ceramic Coated 3” Exhaust Tubes
  • Mr. Norm GSS 3” Polished Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips – Choice of Round or Oval With Rolled Edges
  • Side Exit
  • Electrically Actuated “Dumpers”

E74SS – GSS S/S Engine Package - $9,500

  • 426/528 Mr. Norm’s GSS S/S (Super Street) Hemi – 700+ HP Iron Block, Competition Cross Ram With 2x4 Hemi Holley Carbs, Aluminum Heads, Solid Lifters, Custom Solid Lifter Cam, All Forged Components, Hemi Super Stock Headers.  Comes with Dyno Sheet.  Mr. Norm GSS Billet Engine Oil Accumulator.  Ultra High Performance S/S Oil Cooler.  Chrome Hemi Valve Covers. Runs on 91 Octane Pump Gas (See Fact Sheet)
  • Dual High Output Gel Cell Batteries With Mr. Norm GSS Billet Aluminum Holders
  • Includes EX3 Exhaust Package
  • Includes E75 Engine Protection Package

E74A – GSS Aluminum 426/472 Engine Package –
                 Add $8,900 to Base Iron Block Hemi

  • 426/472 Mr. Norm’s GSS Aluminum Block Hemi - ~625+ Horsepower.  More Horsepower, More Torque, Higher RPM’s and Less Weight Than Base Iron Block Hemi.

E74A-SS – GSS Aluminum S/S 426/528 Engine Package -
                 Add $8,900 to E74SS - GSS S/S Iron Block Hemi

  • 426/528 Mr. Norm’s GSS S/S (Super Street) Aluminum Block Hemi - ~720+ Horsepower.  More Horsepower, More Torque, Higher RPM’s and Less Weight Than Iron Block Hemi.  Chrome Hemi Valve Covers.
  • Includes EX3 Exhaust Package
  • Includes E75 Engine Protection Package

GV1 – Gear Vendors Package - $3,500

  • Turns Torqueflite Into a 5-speed and an A-833 into a 7-Speed. 
  • Reduces RPM by 20% When Activated.
  • Custom Shortened Driveshaft With Ultra Performance Racing U-Joints

For more information

Contact Mr. Norm’s.

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