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race group 1978Curtis Redgap wrote: “[The reverse-threaded wheels on the left side of the car] was a result of the engineering research (Chrysler engineering was top shelf then) done for the Safety Rim Wheel. High speed testing for the tire retention on the wheel revealed the inherent tendency of centrifugal forces on the left side to cause the wheel lugs to back out. My father’s 1939 Dodge pickup was not so equipped, though Mr. Green, our shop super, had a sign up in the service area reminding the mechanics about the impact wrench and the left handed threads. I believe it started in 1940.”

Bruce Lindstrom added: “A Chrysler dealer (the gentleman who gave me the "Goldfish") who has been in business for over 85 years told me his grandfather, who started the dealership, personally knew Walter P. Chrysler. He was told that back when the pioneers were crossing the prairies that the covered wagons only had one large (lug nut if you will) per wheel. The driver’s side wheel nut would continuously come unscrewed due to the friction of the tall, robust prairie grass rubbing against it. I believe the Dodge Brothers’ forefathers made wagons back then and they came up with the idea of using left-hand thread nuts for the driver’s side. That is what inspired the Dodge Bros., followed by Chrysler, to use the left hand thread lug nuts on their automobiles.” [Allpar note: this is hearsay but it makes sense, on its face.]

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