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Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, and Jeep Concept Cars


Chrysler concepts

Chrysler ME-412: Supercar prototype, killed by its own success? (2004)

Chrysler ME-412
Chrysler Patriot: Turbine-Powered Hybrid Racing Car Chrysler Patriot: Turbine-Powered Hybrid Racing Car
The outrageous Chrysler Phaeton (1997) - dual cowl luxury with a V12 engine phaeton
Chrysler Firepower: Hemi-powered, Viper-based flagship Chrysler Firepower
High-tech, elegant: Chrysler Nassau : Getting inside the upscale 2007 Chrysler High-tech, elegant: Chrysler Nassau
Chrysler 700C minivan: 2012 concept previewed Pacifica ideas Chrysler 700C minivan
1951-1955 Chrysler Ghia Specials: Was Karmann Ghia an imitation?

1951-1955 Chrysler Ghia Specials
Chrysler Chronos: Stunning 1998 V10 concept car Chrysler Chronos
Chrysler Atlantic: Straight-eight retro luxury

Chrysler Atlantic
The original C200: Celebrating Virgil Exner The original C200
Chrysler Norseman: an inside story: Cantilevered-roof concept car lost at sea Chrysler Norseman: an inside story
Neon-based Aviat (1994) Meet the Chrysler Aviat
Natrium: sodium borohydride fuel cell minivan (2003)natrium concept
ecoVoyager (2008) - preview of a mid-sized crossover, based on the Challenger ecovoyager

Dodge concepts

dodge venom


V10 Dodge Tomahawk: The 2003 Viper-powered concept motorcycle: 0-60 in under 3 seconds. V10 Dodge Tomahawk
1967 Dodge Deora: A-100 pickup concept 1967 Dodge Deora
Dodge M4S/PPG Pace Car: mid-engined turbo-2.2 racing car m4s
Dodge M80 concept: 2002 design test built off a Dakota frame Dodge M80 concept
1999 Dodge Charger concept: Natural-gas V8 power in a sleek package 1999 Dodge Charger concept


2035 SRT Vision Tomahawk: A virtual concept car for PlayStations2035 SRT Vision Tomahawk
Challenger Scat Pack concept car: A graphic tribute to metallic green muscleChallenger Scat Pack concept car
2011 Avenger rally concept - Nice package that sorta faded away avenger rally conce[t
Dodge Circuit EV (2009) - Viper looks, electric motordodge circuit
2006 Dodge Challenger concept - The car that started a renaissancechallenger concept car
Dodge Rampage (2006) - “Truck” concept was a minivan testbedrampage
Dodge Scooter concept: Never shown, but here it is, from 2005...Dodge Scooter concept
Dodge Demon (2007) - yet closer to the new small car? demon concept
Dodge Hornet concept (2006)- Mopowering a Nissan Cube
Nitro concept (2005): first look at the “Dodge Liberty”nitro
Dodge Sling Shot - (2004) quick, fun two-seater — that we droveslingshot

Jeep concepts

1997 Dakar1997 Icon1997 Jeepster
2017 Moab concepts: Switchback, Grand One, Trailpass, Safari moab 2017
Jeep Quicksand (2017): hot rodded, chopped Wrangler quicksand
2015 Moab concepts: Based on Wrangler, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, and Renegade 2015 Moab concepts
Jeep J12 (2002): Retro Wrangler pickups with snazzy interiorsJ12

2014: Jeep Renegade Rip Tied and Frostbite

2013 concepts:

2012 SEMA concepts

and the rest:

Plymouth concepts

plymouth howler concept car

Plymouth Pronto Spyder (1998) - neat sports car previewing the 2.4 turbo and tortoise-shell wheel plymouth pronto spyder

Plymouth Belmont (1954) - the Corvette/Thunderbird fighter

Plymouth CCV (1998) - totally recycled plastic Plymouth meant as a low-cost, environmentally sound car for China and India; copied by Ford's 2003 “City Car.” CCV
Duster Sportwagon concept by Chrysler designer John Samsen plymouth duster
1997 Plymouth Pronto: Intended to continue the new PlymouthPronto

Ram concepts

Li'l Red Express Truck: The 2012 SEMA concept pickup with 1978 cues Li'l Red Express Truck
2013 Rumble Bee: Ram 1500 concept truck 2013 Rumble Bee
Ram concepts for SEMA ’15: Rebel X and two sharp custom vans Ram concepts for SEMA
Ram concepts: SEMA 2016: Power Wagon Macho and a ProMaster mobile bar Ram concepts: SEMA 2016
A 392 Hemi Ram 1500?: Meet the 2012 Urban ram concept! A 392 Hemi Ram 1500?
2011 Ram Long-Haulerconcept

SEMA concepts

Ram 2016: Power Wagon Macho and a ProMaster mobile bar Ram concepts: SEMA 2016
2016 Chrysler and Jeep: The new/old CJ66 and the Pacifica Cadence 2016 Chrysler and Jeep at SEMA
Dodge 2016: 1971/2017 Challenger Shakedown and the Durango Shaker Dodge at SEMA 2016
2015 Dodge concepts: Challenger GT AWD, Dart GLH, Deep Slate 3 Charger SEMA 2015 Dodge concepts
2015: Two Chryslers, a Jeep, and two Fiats 2015 SEMA Chrysler, Jeep, and Fiat concepts
Ram 2015: Rebel X and two sharp vans Ram concepts for SEMA
Mopar 2013 cars: preview: Ram, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, and Fiat concepts Mopar SEMA cars: preview
Dodge 2014 concepts: Viper ACR, Poison Dart, Challenger T/A, Mopar Charger Dodge SEMA concepts
2014 Jeep and Ram: Ram ProMaster Man Cave/Hospitality Van, Outdoorsman, and two Renegade dress-ups 2014 Jeep and Ram SEMA concepts
Chrysler and Fiat 2014: Chrysler 200S, 500 Scorpion, 500L Custom Chrysler and Fiat SEMA concepts
2012: Urban Ram, Carbon Fire, Sand Runner, and other concept cars Cars of SEMA

Fiat concepts

Why and how do they make concept cars?

Concept cars are made for many reasons, largely to get a visible, tangible look at a design before production so its feel can be evaluated, possible problems can be foreseen, and so reactions of non-gearheads can be judged. Sometimes, concepts test particular ideas - for example, colors and materials, controls and dashboard layouts, and the like. Those ideas can be rather subtle and hidden.

Other concepts are designed to help designers think out of the box. One example of that is the Jeep Treo, a study to consider what cars might be like when fuel cells are common (if they become common), and how that would affect styling. Without a large engine in front, for example, the Treo allows drivers to actually look through the grille.

1994 plymouth expresso

Concept cars can be divided more precisely. Pre-production cars like the Challenger, Prowler, and Viper were all production-based concepts dressed up in doodads and geegaws to hide the production intent. A “true” concept is a styling, engineering, or manufacturing excercise that tests out consumer reaction to various ideas and is not a specific model production intent vehicle. For example, the Renegade pickup was actually a 2008 minivan concept.

Driving concept cars is a fascinating experience because you begin to realize why they did things - the old question of "what the #*$#@*&!^! were they thinking?" is answered. Designs that seem over the top become reasonable. However, before the expensive concepts are driven by outsiders, they usually get some form of mechanical limiter so the engine can roar but the car won't move. The exceptions in our experience were the Sling Shot, a rebodied smart car, and the 2.4-turbo equipped, five-speed Pronto Spyder, which would have been an amazing Plymouth had it been produced.

Some historical Chrysler concept cars

Hans Riemenschneider wrote: The '41 Thunderbolt was designed by Alex Tremulis (a.k.a. Tucker Torpedo). It had a one-piece retractable hardtop. Five were built, four survive.

David Ryan wrote: We at the shop have the official 1941 Chrysler Newport Dual-cowl Phaeton Pace Car (non-hiding headlights). I had to fab the bumperettes for it. The car is currently green; Walter P. Junior didn't appreciate the silver colour, so he had it painted to his liking. The doors and half the body are made of aluminum, wood structure, the rest is steel, totally ahead of its time.

1941 Newport Phaeton

Richard Wagner wrote: The 1941 Chrysler Newport with LeBaron design similar to the BMW 328 may actually be the missing link to this list of concept cars and dare I suggest, an inspiration to the final design of another classic, the 1948 Jaguar XK-120.

Chrysler TwoPlace LeBaron

Ric DiDonato wrote: The 1983 Two-Place name is derived from the fact that this is a two-seater. The rear area is covered with a hard shell which contours to the headrests similar to the early 1960s Ford Thunderbird sport convertibles. The style and elements that were later used on LeBarons and Reliants, particularly the rounded edges used on the 1986 K bodies, and the grill treatment. It’s also interesting to note the resemblance to the Mercedes SL convertible.

chrysler two-place concept car

Jeep Commander 2

The Grand Cherokee-based Commander 2 has a hybrid-electric fuel cell powertrain and dual electric motors which increase its equivalent of gas mileage by 12 mpg. As with the Intrepid ESX, it runs on electricity generated by the fuel cell, which is fueled by hydrogen from an on-board methanol reformer. Methanol eliminates the need for large hydrogen storage tanks. The battery captures energy normally lost during braking. Despite a light-weight plastic body, which cuts body weight nearly in half while saving manufacturing costs (with near total recyclability), the Commander 2 is 5,700 lb, due to the heavy powertrain. It is seven inches wider than the standard Grand Cherokee. (1998?)

1989 Millenium (Intrepid-like profile) 1993 Thunderbolt
2000 Power Wagon 1998 T-Rex - 500hp and a 26,000
pound towing capacity

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venomConcept cars are often made so a car’s feel can be evaluated, problems can be foreseen, and reactions of the public can be judged. Some concepts test specific ideas, colors, controls, or materials — either subtle or out of proportion, to hide what’s being tested. Some are created to help designers think “out of the box.” The Challenger, Prowler, PT Cruiser, and Viper were all tested as production-based concepts dressed up to hide the production intent.

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