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The Chrysler Airflow Concept

Chrysler has fully revealed the Chrysler Airflow Concept in a way they hadn't prior. Now complete with a full press release. The Chrysler Airflow concept portends the destiny of Stellantis’ premium American brand, which will introduce its first battery-electric vehicle in 2025 before going all-EV by 2028. You read that right, "America's Premium Brand." Chrysler is aiming up again. The Airflow previews Chrysler’s future of EV propulsion and Level 3 driver assistance.

Chrysler says the Airflow concept’s silent propulsion and low environmental impact inspired designers to take a similar approach to styling. The result is a graceful, aerodynamic flagship that’s a big departure from the old-school blocky 300 and more reminiscent of the soft, smooth lines of the beautiful Chrysler 200 redesign of 2015. The long wheelbase and wide track emphasize passenger space, with 22-inch wheels giving the Airflow a modern, planted stance. Thanks to a low center of gravity and that wheels-at-the-corners layout, Chrysler says the Airflow will offer excellent handling and performance.

The new Airflow has an extensive suite of connectivity features, which will allow the car’s occupants to control other aspects of their lives – like home security, shopping lists, and even video conference calls – right from the car’s cabin. Granted, most of that stuff people will never do.

Chrysler’s march toward electrification is a highly based on a robust EV platform. The Airflow concept comes with Stellantis’ new battery-specific architecture called STLA. The Airflow is likely based on the STLA Medium platform for mid-sized cars and crossovers, and Chrysler expects a theoretical range of between 350 and 400 miles. The Airflow gets all-wheel drive courtesy of two 150-kilowatt (201-horsepower) electric drive modules (EDMs) that combine the motor, geartrain, and inverter into a single package. The Airflow likely has about 400 ponies between the two EDMs.

The automaker also says the platform is capable of accepting larger, more powerful power units, making the prospect of a higher-performance vehicles. Stellantis also announced in its EV day last July that all of its future power modules would at least be 400-volt compatible, and that the flagship EDM features 800-volt architecture. As the standard-bearer for Chysler’s electrification plans, it’s likely the Airflow features that technology. Theoretically, the Chrysler Airflow can receive over-the-air updates to keep its user interface and technology current for longer than anything on the market today.

The Chrysler Airflow concept boasts STLA AutoDrive technology (a shared technology with BMW), a Level 3 driver-assistance suite that can remove the driver from the equation in specific circumstances like freeway or limited-access highway driving. More advanced than other systems currently on sale in the US, Level 3 autonomy allows the driver to take their eyes off the road and their hands off the wheel, freeing them up to do things they probably shouldn't... heck they can eat a sandwich as the car drivers, or shave, brush their teeth.

Inside, the front and rear seats feature pedestal-style mounts that improve toe room and, in concert with the full glass roof, reduce claustrophobia. A floating center console separates the front seats, with plenty of storage underneath the bridge for purses and backpacks. In back, a low-profile armrest appears between individual bucket seats, meaning the Airflow is a spacious transportation pod for four – a rear bench will likely appear on the production car. A sliding cargo floor eases loading.

Chrysler will become the vanguard of parent company Stellantis’ EV aspirations in the United States, ending any rumors of the company being on the chopping block. The Airflow concept, which appears practically production-ready thanks to feasible lighting, mirror, and bumper designs, will likely be the first new product from Chrysler in about a decade when it goes on sale by 2025. Just three years later, the entire Chrysler portfolio will be all-electric – well before Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, Audi and Volvo... which is easy when your lineup is currently 3 cars and soon to be different. It will be exciting to see what other news we will get about Chrysler's future as well as other products from Dodge, Ram, and Jeep.

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I think this design definitely has potential, I do hope that at least in the short term they will offer these new vehicles in other than bev drivetrains. I think for me at this time a phev would be more suitable. Un the future as technology advances who knows.
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